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Thirty One Backpack Review

If you are shopping for a backpack to get back to school or just to change up your look Thirty One Gifts has numerous options for every kid’s needs. From kindergarten to college Thirty-One Gifts backpacks fit any need. The Thirty One Backpacks are available in two styles. The first is the Keep It Kool Backpack which has plenty of space for travel, school and whatever else you can throw at it. The Keep It Kool 31 backpack is even perfect for hiking or long day trips because of an insulated thermal compartment to keep drinks or snacks cool. It measures approximately: 18.75”H x 13.5”W x 5"D.

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Upperclassman Backpack is a Large, sturdy and stylish for walks down the school hallway or last minute dashes to 8:00 college classes. Just pack everything in for the day and you’re good. It measures approximately: 18.75”H x 12.5”W x 5.25"D. Styles are subject to change but you can count on thirty one backpacks to have stylish patterns that are customizable.

If you child is heading off to college, the Large Travel Duffle is the perfect gift. It's a great size bag to put tons of clothes in for trips back home to do laundry or holiday visits. 31 backpacks can hold tons of stuff while providing unique customizable style for getting back to school. Thirty One backpacks are great for any age. They are reasonably priced so you can change at semester to reinvent yourself and come back with a new style. To purchase go to Thirty One Backpacks.

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